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About Our Company

Committed to delivering high quality projects and innovate design solutions.

Our Team

Aharon “Ron” Poliker


Having found his passion over the years in the construction industry, Aharon “Ron” Poliker decided to turn his passion into a successful business. A graduate from Florida Atlantic University, Ron majored in International Business, Trade and Finance. Levying his education, Ron was able to see a need within the industry for quality craftsmanship offered at a consistently equitable price. While working as a top ranked project manager for the largest construction company in the nation, he gained valuable insight and knowledge from some of the top names in the industry. Ron created Home Quality Remodeling and HQR Design determined to make his mark in the remodeling and design industry. Quickly growing his brand, Home Quality Remodeling flourished as customers have cemented a reputation for trustworthy high-end construction and service. This reputation is an extension of the business philosophy Ron has put forth always keeping the customer front and center in all Home Quality Remodeling’s endeavors. These endeavors have helped both Home Quality Remodeling and Ron to be recognized and awarded numerous accolades such as; #45 in 2019 and 2020 INC 500 fastest growing companies in the USA, #245 in 2019 and #192 in 2020 top qualified remodelers, 2020 Top 100 fastest growing companies in the Bay Area. Personally, Ron was inducted into the prestigious “Birthing of Giants”, as he is viewed by his peers as one of the most promising, young CEO’s in the USA.

Karina Chan

Interior Designer

Karina is one of our top designers and 3D artists here at HQR Design. Graduated with a Bachelors in Architecture in Panama City, Panama, Karina has a passion for interior design and architecture. Her objective is to bring life to a space by working hand in hand with a customer. Super friendly and communicative, Karina is fluent in Spanish and English.

Committed to delivering high quality projects and innovate design solutions.

Home Quality Remodeling and HQR Design work in seamless collaboration to deliver you every step of a remodel process.

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